About the Daily Money Actions site and the TYFplanner

The Daily Money Actions is a site created by Ramat Oyetunji, the Founder & CEO of The FI Woman, a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and Author of several personal finance books.


The goal of the site is to provide a community where people can share and learn about financial freedom and wellness.

The TYFplanner is a practical, step-by-step guide designed to help anyone improve their finances. The TYFplanner helps answer two important questions:

  • Where should I begin? 

  • What actions should I take?


A free PDF is available to download on this site. Print copies of the planner can be purchased on Amazon.

Other Financial Services Provided by Ramat

1:1 Financial Coaching and Personalized Planning

Group Financial Coaching and Planning (small cohorts of 8)

Customized Presentations and Workshops for Your Group/Organization

Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

Visit The FI Woman to learn more or contact Ramat.

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